- Are internships paid?

Yes, internships in all large companies are paid. In addition to the monthly salary some companies may also offer a “relocation” bonus and payment for flights to the city where the offices are located.

- How can I prepare for coding interviews?

To prepare for coding interviews you need to have a basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures, in our wiki you will find many resources to brush up or study these topics. Our community also offers group exercises and mock interviews to better prepare for interviews. If you want to learn more join our Discord Server.

- How do you write a good CV?

In our wiki we have a section that collects many useful tips for writing a good resume. In our Discord Server we also provide you with the opportunity to submit your CV to receive tips on how to improve it.

- Can I participate in SuperHero Valley even if I am a first-year student?

Of course you can! Our goal is to give you an early awareness of the opportunities that many companies can offer you, for example, Google offers first- and second-year students an internship program called STEP.

- When can I apply for internships?

The opening of the application period varies by company. We recommend that you review the list of companies we have included in our wiki and then search for the “Career” or “Jobs opening” page of the company you are interested in.

- To do an internship, is it necessary to travel to the city where the company is located?

During the covid period, internships were conducted online. They are usually held in-person and this is an advantage, in our opinion, because it allows you to have a training experience in all respects.

- How important is English proficiency?

English proficiency is important. You need to have the ability to interact with the recruiter and interviewer to be able to communicate best during the interview.

- How important is it to do an internship during college?

Doing an internship provides you with the opportunity to gain practical experience that you usually do not get by doing only your college coursework. In addition, it is possible that the company, once the internship is over, will contact you again to do the same experience the following year or offer you a contract for a full-time position.

- I am about to finish my bachelor’s degree and will soon start my master’s degree, can I apply for an internship even now or is it better to wait for the master’s degree?

If you are sure to apply for the master’s degree, apply as soon as possible and try to get an internship. Remember that the company wants you to return to the university after the work period is over to finish your studies.

- Is the internship compatible with university?

Internships can only be done while at university. Companies often ask for “permission” from your home university to allow you to do the internship.