What is SuperHero Valley:

SuperHero Valley is a community founded in October 2020 with the goal of providing a bridge between Italian University and prestigious companies in the field of information technology. In other countries, it is common, during the university period, to attend courses tailored to support tech interviews and do internships in large companies. These activities are almost nonexistent and unknown in Italy. Getting an internship offer, or even a full-time position, from Silicon Valley companies is no easy without the proper preparation. These require precise skills and behaviors to follow, which Superhero Valley aims to teach students through weekly appointments:

  • Motivational talks from successful people working in prestigious companies from different industries. They talk briefly about their carrer journey and you have the opportunity to ask anything you want.
  • Mock interview: conducted by people working in big tech companies, with the goal of quantifying the student’s level of preparation. At the interviewer’s discretion, it is also possible to reward promising candidates with a referral that allows them to skip the “cv screening” stage.
  • Exercise Group: a couple of times a week you can meet face-to-face other motivated students that are preparing for technical interviews. The group is also supervised by Big Tech employees that are there to help you and answer your questions, for free! The exercises are mainly directed toward the following interview stages: Coding, System Design and Behavioral.
  • Social events held by organizers to bring community members closer together. Events that are less formal, and more for fun, where participants can talk freely with each other.

But how does a Big Tech Technical Interview work?

Read this section!

How to prepare for coding interviews?

Read this section, you can find the best preparation material. Would you like to do some exercises together, or with the help of experienced people, for free? Join our Discord Server and find out how in the #leggimi channel!

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