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This section of the wiki contains resources that can be useful in understanding the process of pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree abroad.

Studying in Denmark

Thanks to Gabriele Tenucci for providing these helpful links. For further information on studying in Denmark, you can contact Gabriele on our Discord channel

Double Degree in Two Different European Cities (EIT Digital)

The EIT Digital Master School offers a two-year program that allows students to study at two universities in two different European cities. This program enables students to earn a double degree and immerse themselves in two distinct academic and cultural environments. In addition to the academic component, the curriculum includes a module in entrepreneurship and innovation. Throughout the program, students also participate in a two-week summer school in a European city, as well as a kickoff event and a graduation event, both held in two different European cities.

The program offers a wide range of specializations, including Cybersecurity, Data Science, Fintech, and more, at prestigious partner universities such as KTH in Stockholm, Aalto University in Helsinki, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and many others.

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